Nidia, Not too many companies get back to a customer's question promptly so I really appreciate your email.I ordered the hinges online. Again, Thank you for your help...Very Nice!


I just wanted to take a moment to let you know what an excellent employee you have in Nidia.
Even though your company was not able to provide an item I was searching for (a soft close version of your hinges), Nidia went above and beyond to make sure I had an option which might help me.
It's not often I receive this kind of service and I just wanted to make sure she was commended in some way. 


I am amazed! I just received them in the mail this afternoon!
They say the hallmark of a great company is when they exceed a customers' expectations!
You have certainly done that!


Wow!! What service!! THANK YOU!! Never expected this!!

Speaks volumes for you and your company you represent.
I have been in retail for 39 years; I hope that helps to quantify the compliment!!


I had two broken hinges on a bathroom cabinet installed in 1995. After searching the place I bought the cabinet from and the internet for the type of hinge it came with, I thought I'd have to start over from scratch for replacement hinges. So I removed the broken hinges and noticed the manufacturer's name--Youngdale. So I tried the internet again and discovered they are only a couple towns away. Called and was told I could buy replacement hinges directly from them at a very reasonable price. When I arrived at their location and asked for replacement hinges, the receptionist said they would repair the broken hinges and mail them to me at no charge! Well, I wanted to repair the cabinet today, so I bought new hinges, but WOW! after 2 decades they are still going to repair the broken hinges and mail them to me FREE! Now I have back ups for the next two decades, or beyond!

This is incredible! To stand behind your product and replace at no cost (apparently for a lifetime), made in America (locally), is very impressive. If I ever need hinges again, there is no question what type I will insist on.


Your Customer Service is fantastic and you don't find that much these days!

Kellie C.

Just a line to tell you how impressed we are with your service and the desire to stand behind your products. Too many companies today do not feel the same way about their customers. Hurray for you!!

Lynn R..

I just wanted to Thank You for standing by your product. After 32 years 3 of our hinges broken and you fixed them and at no charge.

Thank you so much,
J. & K. S.

We have over 100 of this type of hinge throughout out house and have been very pleased with them for the last 21 years.

Thank you
Larry K.

Awesome service, ordered the hinges on Thursday and on Saturday my cabinet was fixed!

Mary N.


I am a hobby woodworker.

My kitchen cabinets were made with your hidden hinges.That is how found out about your product. We love how your hinges are not seen. So when my daughter and I made an aquarium stand for her 4-H project, we incorporated your hinges in this project.

Thank you
Brad C.


Thank you for the quick turnaround on my latest order. I have been using your hinges in my custom furniture/cabinet business for 30 years now. I have never been disappointed. I use other hinges also but have fewer client problems with your hinge. I have never had to replace one. I have had issues with my local distributors stocking your product, especially different colors, but I realize most people have switched to “cup” hinges. I was delighted to find I can order direct. I like the idea of a full opening hinge VS most new kitchen hinges that open just over 90 degrees. The small profile also looks much better on furniture. I was also very pleased with the friendly customer service on the telephone.

Thank you for many years of satisfaction.

Mark B.
Haverhill MA


The quality customer service you have provided was outstanding. I was in search of replacement hinges for a customer and you went above and beyond to find a solution for my project. Usually, as a small town "Handyman", I have received anything but good service and more often than not the brush-off treatment. I can truly say I haven't had this level of customer care from an internet contact ever before.

Thank You!!

Rich P.

Dear Mr. Carrick,

This morning I contacted your company about replacing hinges on cabinet doors in my dad's house. In the course of the conversation with the person who answered the phone and with someone from the service department I realized that the hinges on my dad's cabinets were (cheaper?) imitations of your company's hinges. I want to compliment your company for the following things:

Great service! Although the hinges I am replacing were knock-off's of your product and had different numbers than would have been on your hinges to identify them, the person from your service department who assisted me patiently helped me identify which parts to measure to determine which replacement hinges were needed. The person who helped me order the replacement hinges was careful to check your inventory to determine that there were enough of the right parts with the correct finish to assemble what I needed and told me when they would be shipped. The price of the hinges and the cost of shipping were very reasonable, especially given the amount of time your employees spent on the phone with me for just these few items.

When I looked at the contact page on your website I realized by looking at the names that Youngdale seems to be a family-run business. Congratulations on being able to continue to run such a company. I am very sorry that you have to compete with companies that make and sell poorer quality imitations of your product. Thank you for the excellent service and best wishes for continued success.

Larry T.

Just a note to express my feelings on a recent purchase of a Youngdale hinge.

The customer service representative I spoke with was pleasant, knowledgeable, and the entire process went well. I was especially pleased to know that the piece is American made. All of my kitchen hinges from a previous home project were your product, as well as my current home. If I get the opportunity to have another kitchen project I will be sure to specify Youngdale.

Al K.


You have to be the greatest company, with the best customer service, in the country. All of us in business could learn a thing or two. I received the hinges. They work Perfectly. I have returened the old hinges for repair.

Thank you so much for your prompt attention.

Bruce S.

We just ordered some hinges from your company. (And we have ordered from you before.) But after placing tonights order, my husband came to me and said "I wish every company on the internet was as easy to order from as Youngdale is." This is quite a compliment to your company as I've not heard him say this about anyone else.

We don't buy much at a time, but please know that we appreciate you being there when we need you.


Skip and Lois

Dear Mr. Carrick,

Just a short note to let you know how impressed I was with the Youngdale customer service provided by Nidia Ferrer. The response to my problem was almost immediate and it's resolution was even quicker, and most informative, and courteous. It was a pleasure doing business with Youngdale, and I think your customer service is something other companies should strive for.

Thank you

Steven W.

I have custom cabinets in my kitchen, installed in 1986.  The manufacturer of those cabinets used your hinges in the construction.  Two of them broke at the little pivot arm with the roller.  I looked local for them but could not find them. Fortunately the hinge had "Youngdale 4 Vista CAL" embossed.  Went on the web, found your site, ordered two pair and they came today.  Put them on and they work great. 
Great service all around.  Order Saturday and came Wednesday, all this at the grand cost of $8.13 and made in the USA to boot.  
Earl Smith

Thank you Nidia for demonstrating the true meaning of "customer service". I really appreciate your attempt to help us locate this particular hinge. Please pass this email on to your manager and tell him for us that you made a terrific try!



We have you hinges on our kitchen cabinets (love them) and we've recently updated them by ebonizing the white oak and replacing brass handles with satin nickel, so I was wondering if you had any plans to release darker nickel finish such as satin nickel or antique nickel?

If not, we'll just keep the dark brass or ORB hinges (not sure which we have) as they mostly dissapear with the now dark wood color.

Thanks for making such a great product available at such a great price.



Ms. Ferrer,

Thanks again for your efficiency and responsiveness. The items arrived and the door is fixed.

Thanks and aloha,

P. Tchou


Thank you for your prompt courteous service.  In 20 years of business I believe this
has been the easiest account set up procedure I have dealt with.  Let me know our
freight options so that we can go ahead with the rest of our order.


Michael Paul
Swan Creek Cabinet Co.

Thanks for correcting the shipping.  Good service.  I appreciate it.

Paul F.

Thank you, Nidia for your prompt, couteous & patient assistance this morning on my inquery about a couple of replacement hinges. Big service from you for a very little order! Much obliged. Thanks again.

Keith O - Kirkland, WA


Thank you. Your claims of good service on the internet are indeed true.

Vera K - Philadelphia, PA

[ Sent to Bertch Cabinet Mfg ]

I want to thank all who are responsible for the very quick response to my quest for particular hinges for my Bertch frosted cherry kitchen cabinets. I did receive a package today from Youngdale Mfg Corp and am so pleased that someone knew exactly the part I needed from my poor drawing. This speaks very well for Youngdale whose hinges are available even 21 years later ... and made in America. An invoice was not included, only the packing slip. Please let me know the cost and again - thank you for your help. My lovely kitchen is a joy.

Sincerely, Irene Z.

I am writing to thank you for having Nidia in your Customer service dept.  I spoke to her this morning and requested information about an oil rubbed bronze #3 hinge, she informed me that Yongdale does not offer the # 3 hinge in that finish as a standard finish yet, however, she thought that a distributor had placed an order for those hinges in the ORB finish and that she would research it and let me know if she recalled that order correctly.  She did recall correctly and when she called me back, she gave me all the information I needed to be able to provide my customer with the hinge they desired.  I have used Youngdale hinges for many years and have been very pleased with your hinges.  This was the 1st time I called customer service and experience was  great!  It is so hard to find companies that have such helpful folks in customer service. 


I just wanted to drop a note to let you and your company know how impressed I was with this whole transaction and the great customer sevice.

Thank you, Monte

Hi Nidia-

My order was received early this week, and I've already installed them! Exactly what I needed, when I needed it.

Thanks for the great service from start to finish!



My apologies for not doing this sooner. I did receive the hinges and with the direction from your tech person (name forgotten) I utilized the 6 hinges with success. It is a great piece of hardware that I intend to bring to the attention of a friend who has a custom woodwork business. Can you please send me an additional catalog and whatever other material is available for me to give to them? Thank you for all your support. I will always use this hinge for my home hobby projects. Made in USA helps also.

I just wanted to tell you how much I LOVE your hinges! I just replaced my old brass overlay hinges with your standard hinges, and the difference in my kitchen is HUGE! I had searched and searched for hinges that wouldn't show with my existing doors ("concealed" hinges didn't work), but had almost given up and was ready to buy new doors or new cabinets. Then I saw your hinges on a home improvement show (but they didn't give the name) -- so I knew they were out there somewhere, and I searched the internet until I found them. I cut the slots myself using a small table saw (with several passes), and it worked great. I wish I had discovered them years ago!

Your people are also great. Before I ordered from you, I called to ask a few questions. I spoke to John and another gentleman, and they were very friendly and helpful -- and my order arrived quickly.

Everyone with an out-dated kitchen with overlay hinges should know about you!!

Just wanted to say thanks,

Sheri C.